Tips to Overcome Network Marketing Objections

Hearing “No” from prospects can be discouraging and frustrating for network marketing affiliates. The misconceptions that prevail in the market and ignorance of people have jointly acted against the spirit of network marketing.

Well, no need to worry!

The good news is: You can always eliminate the objections of your prospects with effective responses tailored to the mutual benefit of both the parties. There are simple solutions that you can follow to convince your prospects for changing their opinions.

So do not get terrified or demotivated when you face such situations. It is just that you need to diagnose the cause behind the objections and target to eradicate them from the root.

This article discusses a few common objections and also offers a polite and humble way of tackling those objections without damaging the relationship with the potential clients.

Let’s see what the possible objections and doubts raised by people are.

1. I can’t invest time:

This may be a response from people who have a quite busy schedule and think that managing time for any new task is almost impossible for them.

You must try to understand if they are looking for a business opportunity or a way that can help them to achieve their dreams.

Explain to them how they can earn an extra amount of money in spare time. At this point, you should tell them the difference between their perception and reality about the lack of time.

2. I can’t afford it:

It is critical to remember that people invest money only when they feel it is worth to spend. So, as a network affiliate, it is your duty to create the importance of the work you are offering them and how investing money here can be an excellent decision.

Explain to them how they can start with a small amount of money. Additionally, don’t forget to share that you also faced the same dilemma but never gave up as you could visualize a lifetime opportunity.

3. I do not trust pyramid schemes:

You must tell them that you are working with a legal company that adheres to all the regulatory requirements. Even you do not believe in pyramid schemes.

4. I can get better products at cheaper rates:

You must be able to differentiate your product from what the prospects are telling about. Explain the value delivered by your product and that you are offering them at wholesale rates which are not available at stores.

5. I need some time to think:

Well, this is a positive indication that the prospects are interested in your offer. However, you must ask them if they need more clarification about the product or company.

6. I don’t like to bother friends and family for selling my products:

This is good, as you must explain to them that network marketing is not about bugging friends and family.

7. I need to discuss it with my spouse:

This can be a genuine objection as most of people like to consult with their spouse before making a decision. Tell them that you can explain your proposal to their partners also. It is advisable to fix a coffee meeting here so that you can tell the advantages to them together.

8. I can’t sell:

This sounds like a concern. You can say to them that hard-core selling never works in network marketing. Preferably, it means flourishing through relationships. You can tell them that it is just like referring to some excellent thing of utility to a friend and getting paid for it.

9. Is this MLM?:

This is a baseless objection. Try to understand if the prospects are trying to bluff. Tell them that MLM is not synonymous to scam. It is a legitimate business just like other forms of business.

10. How much money are you making?

This may imply that the prospects want to know about the earning potential of this business. You can tell them that you are satisfied with the earnings. And also, income varies with the capabilities of a person. Additionally, tell them that you would not be here if it was not worth to work for.

So now you can see what the possible objections are and how you can win the confidence of your prospect easily. The key is to listen and give balanced answers.

All the best.

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