international features of mlm software

The International Features of MLM Software You Might Not Know About

Multi-level marketing software is a sophisticated tool that ensures the smooth operation of your network marketing business. MLM software renders a cost-effective approach to the business by streamlining the various activities.

Ventaforce, one of the best MLM software is equipped with the latest features to help you throughout your MLM business. Ventaforce has been labeled as a reliable and credible MLM software that acts as a one-stop solution for all the issues about the business of network marketing.

The MLM software is endowed with some of the industry’s best features that are nationally as well as internationally acclaimed. Some international features of the best MLM software you might not aware are discussed below.

These international features are designed while keeping the global requirements of the client in mind. These features enhance the global responsiveness of the MLM business.


This is a versatile and unique feature of Ventaforce which has been created to meet the requirements of people from the varied cultural background. The feature supports various languages which ease the communication between multi-lingual network members. The developers appreciate the importance of collaboration and coordinate on in the MLM business and thus the feature of multi-language acts as a boon for those entrepreneurs who work on a global level and interact with different people from different regions. This is a highly recommended feature that would help you to explore international opportunities.


This is another robust feature that increases the acceptance of Ventaforce at international level. The function of multiple-currency caters to the need of doing transactions with people in different countries. An entrepreneur who wishes to expand his business globally must be aware of this feature as it supports the business in different countries. It becomes easier to make global network affiliates who can grow your business at an international level. The direct benefit accrues in the form of an established and well managed global MLM business.

Universal Tax Management:

This feature is the crying need of the hour as it provides a foundation for an MLM business that has been operational in multiple countries. Tax procedures and calculations vary with countries. The feature of Universal Tax management incorporates the tax mechanism of different countries to give exact estimates based upon the tax guidelines. For example, this feature supports GST, Goods and Services Tax, a recently launched taxation system in India.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

This is an attractive feature that understands the need for integration with various payment gateways in the era of the digital economy. Ventaforce is a contemporary MLM software that gives due consideration to the digital transformation. It supports multiple payment gateways to make the payment process simpler and fast. The user gets a hassle-free experience while making transactions through an online payment. The structure of MLM software is flexible enough to incorporate any payment gateway as per the regional requirements.

Compensation Plan Compatibility:

Compensation plans are the backbone of an MLM business. A suitable compensation plan can take your business to heights by ensuring a satisfied sales force. Ventaforce supports different types of  MLM compensation plans as per the need of business. It is a well-known fact that the choice of the plan varies with regions. People In U.S.A and U.K prefer different compensation plans. Ventaforce supports all the available plans to cater to the specific needs of locales. This feature simplifies the process of global expansion for any MLM business.

CMS based Website:

This feature has been designed to serve the business needs in the era of digital marketing. A CMS enabled website helps in managing the healthy content for the business to get positive online publicity irrespective of geographical boundaries. This feature facilitates in getting good search engine ranking for the business. The feature has been designed to create a global online presence of the business.

Ventaforce is a leading MLM software developed by Sankalp Computer and Systems Pvt. Ltd. Because of its state-of-the-art features, Ventaforce has been the first choice of many national and international MLM entrepreneurs. You can take a glance at these features by checking out the exclusive demo of the MLM software.  For a free demo click here

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