Social Media Impact On Direct Selling Market

Just like any other business, social media has made a profound impact on direct selling business the world over. This is evident from hordes of pictures of personal care, beauty, apparel, food supplements, health drinks among virtually every product under the sun. Marketers are busy leveraging the reach of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and of course, Instagram. Even LinkedIn, which is a professional networking portal, is being widely used to promote products through sponsored posts.

Social media started off for entertainment and connecting people. However, the marketers were able to see the potential quickly for brand promotions and higher sales. No wonder, the worldwide revenue for social media advertising of USD 89.5 billion in 2019 is expected to grow to USD 138.4 billion in 2025.


Thus, we see the use of social media everywhere. Talking about the use of social media in direct sales, social media promotes your products more efficiently while also giving you a personal feel for the direct selling business.


Social networking sites are ideal for many kinds of promotions that lend you to set up a campaign with the click of a button. Also, social media campaigns are suitable for quick and easy marketing contests. More importantly, they are a favorite of millennials who have the spending ability to buy things online as they are highly internet savvy.


Plus, everyone uses social media these days, so it’s a must to keep up with the times. However, there are still many ways direct selling business houses can use these sites in less common ways to maximize the benefits of social media. Here are some of these:


Go Live to Connect With Audiences For Direct Selling Business

Direct selling companies with Facebook pages are commonplace. In fact, no direct selling company can afford to miss out on having a Facebook page. A fan page not only makes it easy to share content, pictures, posts, new product launches but it also makes it very convenient for anyone to subscribe just by hitting the ‘like’ button.


However, in addition to posting products and sharing content, Facebook offers a number of features that are beneficial to direct marketers. One such feature is Facebook Live. This awesome feature lets you go live and communicate with your audiences face-to-face. It creates an intimate and friendly atmosphere which lends a chance of creating a bond with the audience.


It’s less polished than pre-recorded videos and often rehearsed, but spontaneity means authenticity in a way that isn’t pre-made content. This allows your audience to feel truly engaged. Direct selling companies can use Facebook Live or YouTube Live features extensively to educate and engage instead of selling their products directly.


Live features can also be used to do webinars for distributors and consultants. Going Life makes even more sense in this era when the world is still battling with Covid-19 pandemic and recurrent lockdowns owing to a surging number of cases globally.


Content Still Rocks In Direct Selling Business

Anyone can post anything online, but that doesn’t mean that what’s posted will fit your company’s target market. Just posting irrelevant ones is a useless exercise. People these days are loaded with information and have a lot of options. People will unfollow you if it’s just adding noise instead of providing value.


Therefore, the value of the content should never be undermined. The success of a marketing campaign depends on the quality and relevance of the material.


That’s why it’s so important for direct selling businesses to select content, which adds value to both customers and distributors. You can look carefully at the feedback you receive for each post or ask directly what people want to see so you know what adds value and what doesn’t.


It is important for customers to feel like they are part of the picture. The content should be able to resonate with your target audience. Content has always been the soul of marketing campaigns, that is how it is going to be in the foreseeable future.


Building A True Engaged Community

It is not difficult to understand the power of engagement. People always want to be part of something bigger than themselves.


Engagement means more interaction, trust, and bonding between the community. There is no benefit of having social media accounts that churn posts that no one really cares about. The basic purpose of using social media in direct selling business is to increase bonding and confidence, which can only happen when people are highly engaged in a two-way conversation.


Continuous engagement often builds a community that people truly seek when buying direct selling products. Best of all, once a community is established, leads and prospects are delivered almost automatically, much more easily.


To sum up, using these techniques, direct selling businesses can better align their online marketing campaigns to create more pronounced outcomes. Social media platforms offer invaluable opportunities to direct selling companies to engage with real people in real-time. If you are someone who is looking to augment your direct selling business, you ought to scout for the best direct selling software that’s capable of handling all your business requirements efficiently, including those of creating impactful social media campaigns effortlessly.


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