Leverage The Power of Ventaforce WhatsApp Integration

Arguably responsiveness is the biggest key to success for any business. According to a survey by Market Strategies International, messaging is the most preferred method for contacting a company, followed by phone and email.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp have revolutionized the way people are communicating with each other across the globe. Look at the figures –

  • WhatsApp is the world’s third most downloaded Android app. 
  • It has over 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries.
  • By 2021, the number of WhatsApp users in the US is projected to rise to 25.6 million.

WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging app because it is free; it does not have in-app advertisements, is secure and stable, and can be easily integrated with business apps/software like Ventaforce.

Let’s see how you can leverage the power of Ventaforce WhatsApp integration to enhance your business.

Ventaforce WhatsApp integration can be a game-changer

People love responsiveness. When you can delight the customers by being super-responsive, you gain more leads and customers through references. Thus, using WhatsApp for customer service can help you generate more leads, engage with customers more meaningfully, and promptly solve their issues. This will give your business a definite boost in being a customer responsive company, but it will also help you gain new business through references.

Let’s see how Ventaforce WhatsApp integration can help businesses:

Enhanced Customer Experience

It is not a coincidence that the world’s biggest and most successful corporations invariably have exceptional customer experience teams. A happy customer is the biggest asset for any company as he/she will refer more people to join your business. WhatsApp integration can enhance the customer experience to new levels.

Anytime Anywhere Service

When you integrate WhatsApp with Ventaforce, you offer your customer anytime, anywhere service. This means the customer can reach you anytime for anywhere for a prompt resolution. 

Engaging Globally

Since WhatsApp works universally across the globe, your customers can reach you from anywhere in the world. This feature is especially useful for those who have their businesses across multiple countries.

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Two-way Communication

WhatsApp is the real-time messaging system, which means messages are delivered immediately, making it a useful tool for two-way communication.

Secure Messaging Tool (2FA)

Since the chats between two people are 100% encrypted end-to-end, it makes communication tamper-proof. This means the conversations cannot be accessed or hacked by any unauthorized person at any stage of the communication network.

Indisputable Leader in Messaging Worldwide

As enumerated above, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users across 180 countries, which makes it an undeniable leader in messaging. For a company, this is an unfair edge as there would be no one on earth who is unaware of WhatsApp!

Real-time Delivery & Read Receipts

Since it is a real-time delivery messaging app, the messages are delivered immediately without any lag or time-lapse. Moreover, read receipts are a handy indicator that allows the two people who are communicating to know that their messages have been successfully delivered and read. This leaves no chance for any communication gap. 

Deepen Customer Trust with Branded Messaging

Businesses using WhatsApp Business can enhance their brand image with professional-looking branded messaging. This professional messaging helps address customer issues in real-time, but it also helps deepen the trust between the two.

Across Any Mobile OS, Device, and Carrier

Since the app works on the internet, it works fine across all mobile handsets irrespective of the OS or the carrier. WhatsApp has been hugely successful in India, even in rural and tier-3 and tier-4 cities. So, it is the most tried and tested messaging tool to have to communicate.

Ventaforce WhatsApp Integration is Extremely Useful for a Company

Registration/Profile Updation

Get an immediate alert when a new user has been registered or when the profile of an existing user has been updated.

Payment Details

Revenue drives a company. Through WhatsApp integration, you can stay updated whenever your company receives payment.

Order Details

You can easily keep track of the orders as soon as they are generated. You will get a message as soon as an order is generated.

Delivery Details

You can also keep track of the delivery status of the orders through WhatsApp integration.

Invoice Details and Many More

You can keep track of the invoice details of the orders that have been executed and much more through the WhatsApp integration.

It’s time you opt for Ventaforce WhatsApp integration

The companies that have excellent customer support functions are one of the most successful companies in the world. This is not a coincidence, but it has been proven over the years. That is precisely why businesses spend heavily on customer support. A happy customer is bound to refer more customers while an unhappy customer will ruin the chances of business success.

It’s time you leverage the power of Ventaforce WhatsApp integration to woo your customers. This is in fashion, and if you are here to stay, this is the time to get your Ventaforce integrated with WhatsApp.

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