How To Rock Your Direct Selling Business In 2018

Think direct selling and the one image that jumps to your mind, is the aggressive sales person persuading potential customers into buying. While that was never a true representation of the direct selling business, it most certainly is shifting now.

Customers today are way more informed about what the products and services that are available in the market and how exactly do they fit their requirements. With internet and technology as their aids, they can research well into your business as well as the business options that the competition offers. This means that if your business tactics still reflect the stereotype sales approaches, then it is time to reinvent and reassess your direct selling business strategy for 2018.

While one look at business reports and statistics is enough to establish the fact that direct selling companies have not only grown in numbers but also in revenues. But not every direct company that does exist, meets this fate, which is why it is even more essential to understand what is it that makes all the difference and you are ready to rock the direct selling world.

The game changer or the magic ingredient that your direct selling business needs is a ‘direct selling software’. Today more and more companies have come to rely on the potential of a direct selling software. To state it in the most obvious words a direct selling software assists in implementation, control, and management of your company. As we witness the emerging technological changes, it is best to have the power of a direct selling software which not only customizes but also incorporates future expansions and scalability.

Here are some characteristics that are essential to have in your direct selling software:

  • A direct selling software should be built keeping in mind the importance of global exposure for your business. Features such as Multilanguage, Multi-currency, Multi-vendor etc make it an ideal software to strengthen the presence of your business at a global level. Furthermore, the Multi-vendor feature assists direct selling professionals to deal with multiple vendors through a single window, thereby reducing complexities.
  • To ensure that your business reaches the zenith, there are some other features that are must have in a direct selling software, such as Universal Tax Management which will better management all local and international tax-related issues, a CMS based website which will allow your users with any level of experience to add, modify or remove content from a website without the need of a webmaster.
  • At the end of a day direct selling professionals looks for enhanced productivity over competitors and a satisfied client base, so confirm that the direct selling software you choose is integrated with additional features such as Business Intelligence Reports which will helps you track the financial aspect of your business, with a detailed account of your total income, balance, expenditures along with the option of exporting all reports or data from the system to excel or have them printed as PDF’s.
  • A secure and hassle-free payment transaction is always a major concern for all businesses, and a reliable software provides pre-integrated payment gateways which make the process easy. Inventory Management is yet another feature which will enable a better functioning of your direct selling business.


With the competitive stakes rising, it is important that you invest in a direct selling software, but first, analyze your business needs and requirements, and then associate with a direct selling software that is the best fit and provides a complete coverage for all aspects of your business.

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