How To Have a Brainstorming Session?

Meetings are always the best and first medium for communication. The team gets together and share their views and opinions about products and business. The most important aspect that is being widely practiced in fastest growing MLM companies is brainstorming. Brainstorming is a practice that can be adversely go bad or favourably go right! If practiced properly, the results that bloom can be favourable both on a personal as well as professional front! So, if you are planning on having a brainstorming session for some booming ideas, then continue reading our post for some tips.

Identify Your Goals:

While brainstorming, you have to be very clear what you are going to target! Carry out a thorough research about your project and write points that have to be discussed. Most importantly, stick on to the points of discussion. Don’t discuss unnecessary things which would distract you from your vision.

Note All Points:

This is important while having a brainstorming session, because in a fit of excitement you tend to forget important points which can be hard to recall. So don’t let them go off, instead write them down, if possible draw diagrams so that it will be easier to remember. If you are choosing a whiteboard, then write points and ask someone to take pictures on their mobile and circulate. With this, it will remain with you all the time.


Every discussion has a time-limit and so does a brainstorming session. If you need ample time then divide your sessions because if you go on talking and discussing about same subject, then there are chances that you might feel too stressed. It also leads to monotony thus leading in confusion and distraction.

All Possibilities:

Try and consider all possibilities. Several times, people become judgmental about themselves and their ideas and hence do not share their views. Some ideas might be ridiculous or some serious, but you never know you might just find the right decision amidst this. So, no matter what, try and consider all the possibilities!


Try and keep a moderator who will keep a check on the entire session. He/she will guide you well when the discussion is going off the track. He will not let you lose vision, but make sure to appoint a person who knows the project inside and out. Not only this, let the moderator guide you as well with new ideas.

Including Outsider:

Try and include an outsider in a session because he might have a different perspective to the entire discussion. Moreover, he might also have some deferring inputs that will open new horizons in the discussion.

Channelizing The Discussion:

Channelize the discussion properly, right from start to end. Bring out the best points and further have a discussion on them. Mix the elements properly and distinguish weaker and stronger ideas. Start discussion casually, but towards the end, try and come to a conclusion. Try and use voting system too, so that no idea goes unheard.

Did you ever have a successful brainstorming session and would like to share the same? Then comment below for us to know about your experiences.

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