Binary MLM Plan

How Does Binary MLM work?

Concept of Binary MLM Plan:

One of the aged plans in the MLM industry, Binary plan still enjoys the patronage of MLM veterans, entrepreneurs and network affiliates. The reason is apparent: A Simple and High-yielding MLM compensation plan.

Binary MLM plan is based on a 2*2 matrix which means that a member can recruit only two direct frontline distributors under him. These distributors can further recruit two members under them respectively.

So, every member has got two legs. The structure continues thereby giving rise to an infinite binary tree that goes deeper without complications.

Spillover Effect:

It is inevitable that a member would not stop after recruiting two directs. However, according to the definition of a binary plan, only two directs can be placed below him. So, the placement of recruits can be explained using the Spillover effect.

As the third direct comes in, he is placed under the first two distributors wherever space is available. In this way, the direct is spilled over in the line irrespective of his sponsor. This concept applies to all sponsors.

Structure of Binary MLM Plan:

The two nodes or legs under every member are termed as Power and Profit legs. The outside leg is called Power Leg whereas the inside leg is referred to as Profit Leg.

Whenever a direct doesn’t find a place below his immediate sponsor, he is placed in the power leg of the distributor in the downline due to Spillover Effect. However, the profit leg under every distributor is reserved for personally recruited directs. So, Profit leg doesn’t support spillover.

In this way, the binary tree is created where the revenue earned by a member is shared between all the upline members.

Compensation Structure:

As mentioned earlier, binary MLM plan yields superior outcomes in the form of income and commissions. The opportunity to earn handsome payouts is excellent as it is the outcome of cumulative efforts of the entire line of members. Secondly, the plan focuses on business volume thus creating endless income opportunities.

One can earn Sponsor Bonus, Pairing Bonus, rewards, royalty, and other payouts from time to time.

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Binary MLM Software:

Binary MLM software is an indispensable tool that helps in smooth implementation, execution, and management of binary MLM plan in the company. It automates the functions like payout calculations, tree formation, and bonus schemes thus reducing the manual work.

A binary MLM software supports and executes all functionalities and variants of binary MLM plan thus offering a comprehensive solution for MLM entrepreneurs. It also aids in the goal-setting process where sales affiliates can set periodic targets and do forecasting. The binary MLM calculator is also an additional feature that is capable of performing complicated calculations and iterations. The software enhances the efficiency of the business by generating various reports that help in making an informed decision-making process.

Benefits of Binary MLM Plan:

Finally, a binary MLM compensation plan is a preferred choice of numerous companies because of its inherent advantages. Some of them are:

  1. Simple Plan: A binary MLM plan is simple to understand and easy to implement. Because of a simple formula, the network affiliates don’t find it challenging to understand the concept behind it. The binary structure is also uncomplicated.
  2. Based on Cooperation: Because of the Spillover Effect, the members are placed in the downline where they get learning not only from their direct sponsor but also from other distributors. This creates a learning environment where collaboration and cooperation matters. Secondly, all the upline members get the share of revenue generated by a member, thus motivating and inspiring each other for an excellent performance.
  3. Strengthen your network: Because of its structure, one can get never-ending chances of payouts. Keep recruiting the members, and they will be placed in the downline thus deepening your network.
  4. Higher rate of satisfaction: One can begin earning in this plan just by recruiting a minimum of two members. Further, the chances of income increase as more and more members are added to the network, distributors remain satisfied and motivate each other to strengthen the network for the betterment of all.

Binary MLM plan has been a successful yet straightforward compensation plan over the years. Ventaforce is a leading MLM software that supports binary plan with many unique features. It guarantees higher profitability and efficiency with perfect accuracy in the binary plan.

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