Guidelines Must Be Followed To The Success of Direct Selling Business in 2018

What was once referred to as a ‘home-based’ business and was largely a business confined to a group of friends or acquaintances, think Tupperware or Avon, MLM or Direct Selling has witnessed a phenomenal change. Today the very said business, is an industry raking in billions. While direct selling business popularly is characterized by following a few simple things consistently over a period for your financial independence, it is prudent that you follow certain guidelines that will ensure success and see your business soar to new heights in 2018.

Ace the emailing technique

Direct selling is all about the connects and contacts and emailing is often a technique followed by many. Emailing or cold emailing to be specific is quite often related to as ‘negative marketing’ or discouraged simply because of the sheer amount of poorly written emails that people receive. But on the contrary, it is an extremely effective tool in any entrepreneur’s toolkit, if it is smartly used and doesn’t amount to begging. What’s key here is to understand their psyche. Most people get inundated with sales emails, so an obvious and barefaced attempt isn’t going to get their attention.

Put the focus on them instead, what is that you can offer them, and not what you can do for them. Ask them for contributions, maybe a blog or a chance to be interviewed, something that highlights how they will personally benefit from responding to your email is the key. So, bear that in your mind when you compose the email. At the same time, it is essential that your business case is also a part of the narrative.

Make it a point to mention important nuggets such as your company’s reputation or your success. Also, make it a point to sound as confident to establish your authority on the matter. And always customize the email, based on the receiver. People can spot a canned email instantly which will throw you in a negative light and immediately affect your response rates.

Master your product

In a time and age when the competitive stakes run high, what will really set you apart is not so much how unique your product is, but how much better your product is and how well you have mastered it. Product knowledge is extremely vital in direct selling. Often, direct selling business involves a specific product or a line of related products that you are selling, and it is essential that you have all the product expertise possible. This not only establishes your credibility as an entrepreneur, ensure the reputation of your brand. Enter 2018 with the intention of spending every minute in learning and researching every bit about your product and mastering it.


Sign up with a software

Yet another definitive code to be pursued is to invest in a direct selling software. While yours may be a start-up or a more established business, but nothing will bring your business the edge as much as a reliable technology partner. Investing in an MLM software should be the way forward for your direct selling business in 2018. A reliable software is necessary for the complete evolution of your business, which is why you need to assess your business goals and understand your specific requirements and then select the one that fulfills your desired conditions.

This is where you need the backing of a software such as Ventaforce. Designed and developed by Sankalp Solutions, a direct selling software company established in 2001, Ventaforce is a proven solution and one that is globally accepted as a leading software both globally and locally. What makes Ventaforce a force to reckon is its cutting edge and highly advanced technology which ensures that any business can sail right ahead of the competition.

Along with this Ventaforce also conforms to the top ten characteristics of a quality software and is designed with a pluggable architecture which is scalable and adaptable making it future ready. With its rich array of 151+ features and more than 25 compensation plans, Ventaforce is easily counted as the best direct selling software for companies to engage with, either as an enterprise or an entry-level business.

It is essentially these simple yet effective techniques along with a support of a software such as Ventaforce that will ensure that you are firmly set on the road to success not just in 2018 but for the years to come. More information.

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