Future of Direct Selling in 2019

Future of Direct Selling in 2019: Know the Trends For this Year!

How do you compete with the best MLM companies out there? Do you think direct selling software could speed up your business growth? Why do we focus on technologies and automation, when it comes to network marketing success? Here are the answers to these questions.

Understanding where the direct sales marked is now headed to requires a vision. It is all about moving past the same old view of influencer marketing or grabbing the Millennial market share. Now, value added to direct selling brand narrative and product or omnichannel strategies has already taken root. Better technology yields the best network marketing outcomes.

Therefore, this article seeks to uncover the challenges faced in direct marketing and how MLM companies are succeeding in the business by staying ahead of trends.


2019 Trends and the Future of Direct Selling

As the direct selling business grows from strength to strength, what matters most is the future. Let’s see what the year 2019 holds for MLM companies and how direct selling problems can be overcome by tapping innovation.


#1 The Emergence of Gen Z Consumers

According to the statistics collected by Fast Company, Generation Z is set to leave the Millennial behind when it comes to the market share. Over 40 percent of all consumers by 2020 will be Gen Z buyers. Born after 1995, this new generation leaves millennial behind in more ways than one. Your direct selling business must understand Gen Z consumers are immersed in technology. They thrive on social media and online research.

The most tech-savvy generation, Gen Z buyers spent a lot of time on social media. Selling strategies need to focus on mobile and social in a results-driven way, therefore.


#2 Value Added Final Products

With instant data at their fingertips, the modern day consumer needs to be strategically approached. Create powerful marketing messages which highlight value-added final products.  In direct selling, the primary question is how do people want to purchase products through a direct selling business.  Your focus as a network marketing firm should be to provide what customers are looking for, rather than selling what you seek to. This is at the core of creating and selling value-added final products.


#3 Emergence of AI in Direct Sales Companies

Direct sales companies free to join AI networks do so because technology is your best friend. As customers grow more tech-savvy, trendy tech developments like artificial intelligence cannot be stressed enough. Whether you consider big direct selling companies or small, artificial intelligence is amazing for personalized, automated customer support. It makes business more efficient for everyone. Direct selling companies are automating labor-intensive tasks through AI and direct selling software.


#4 Advanced Omnichannel Strategies

When direct selling companies miss out on advanced omnichannel strategies through integrated digital marketing solutions, they leave money on the table. Distributors cannot succeed if detailed digital campaigns are not working. Your reach as a direct selling company is also wider with a detailed omnichannel strategy in place.


#5 Using Technology in a Personalized Way

The surge in technologies has impacted user preferences, too. Generation Z, for example, uses five devices namely smartphone, laptop, television, desktop, and iPads. With an average attention span of 8.25 seconds, the Statistic Brain Research Institute at Microsoft has found that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish! Direct selling will compete with noise as companies attempt to reach young consumers. Teens average around 10 hours per day of screen time. The key is serving technology in a personalized way. So, direct selling companies can cash in on the potential through AR, VR, and AI.

Further, customers may make purchases or conduct surveys online. Brick and mortar retail outlets, for example, have become omnichannel. Consumers seek more interactive shopping experiences and a mix of online, offline and mobile shopping.  Personalized products and recommendations are the keys to network marketing success.


#6 Increasing Role of Globalization and Diversity

Direct selling firms are watching trends in diversity and the increasing importance of global markets. The world’s largest markets for direct selling are increasingly cutting across channels, boundaries, and cultures. Network marketing entrepreneurs need to engage in direct selling as a way to begin business and cash in on trends that change the way individuals consume services and products. Messages need to be culture-specific and personalization is the core of effective customer loyalty.


#7 Diversification of Channels Essential

Towards the end of the year, nearly 30 percent of all web users will be deploying ad blockers. Traditional ads will now not even reach a vast percentage of potential target markets. Consumers are placing less trust in global ad campaigns. Trends are shifting rapidly towards personalized marketing and referrals. Thus, network marketers will seek to diversify channels to keep up with customers.



From brick to click, direct selling companies are already transforming customer experience through digital technologies and exceptional direct selling software. The focus is on enhancing customer engagement experience. Direct selling has hit a record for international sales. If the opportunities can be harnessed by MLM companies through effective direct selling software, the potential for growth is tremendous. The best part about choosing Sankalp’s Ventaforce, an innovative direct selling software, is its feature-rich platform to showcase all your products.

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