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Future of direct selling company in India in 2018

If numbers are any indication, the sheer volume of direct selling companies not just in India but across the globe are on an upward swing. Technological developments coupled with access to the internet have transformed the way businesses are conducted. What was once unfathomable is increasingly becoming the norm. Physical workplaces are getting replaced by the ‘work from home’ concept.

Such is the trend that you can control all aspects of your business remotely and strike the right balance between personal and professional life. This means that this is a great time for budding entrepreneurs and professionals alike to invest their time and energy in building their direct selling company in India.

So, does this mean that all businesses who start off are likely to flourish? The honest answer would be unfortunately a ‘NO’. While all the right intentions are in place, not all companies end up succeeding. It makes a combination of factors to establish a company’s ability to thrive. Here is understanding how the current flow and trends will help shape the future of direct selling companies in 2018.

Automation to dominate – Machines will very soon be replacing humans in a lot of jobs, especially jobs that involve physical labor. Using machines will eliminate the emotional or physical factors that often restrain humans and help to improve the quality of work. Businesses like direct selling can benefit immensely with the use of automation. Long drawn, repetitive and monotonous work such as manufacturing your product can improve significantly with the creating a virtual model first and then manufacturing it if it meets the expected standards. Added to this there is also the guarantee that with automation your work will get done at a faster rate and that is something that direct selling companies can capitalize on significantly.

Skill building with online tools and training – Here was a concept that was looked down upon a few years back, but online training is gaining a wide acceptance. Online tools and training have completely transformed the way we perceive education, making it easier to produce and deliver knowledge from one person to another, and reaching out to scores of people all over at any given point in time. And the best thing is that all this can be done within the comforts of your home. As mentioned earlier the concept of ‘working from home’ is gaining momentum, and as remote work is the preference over the traditional 9 to 6 set up, employers and employees have now ample time not just to spend ample time with their families, but also invest in skill building with engaging in online tools and training. Direct selling business owners can engage in these online tools and training and reinvent themselves with new trends and technologies that are shaping the current world and establishments, it will help them stand out among the competition and gain more productivity.

Software and business intelligence services – One of the greatest boosts for any direct selling software company is the emergence of the direct selling software. With the advent of 2018, it would be a good idea for direct selling companies to reassess their business plans, strategies, and requirements, and then explore the market for software management tools and services, which best fit their requirements. Today direct selling software companies are designing and developing software with high-end technology that goes to ensure a complete overhaul for any direct selling business. Invest in a software that has the reputation of a strong local as well as international association.

A reputed software can bring all the right difference to your business, what with the offering of world-class and highly advanced features, software integration, a wide range of MLM plans, multiple module functionalities, and Search engine optimization. Added to this the commitment of customization that comes with a distinguished software is something that makes direct selling companies rely heavily on direct selling software. What this means is that the future of direct selling software is undeniably positive, and they are here to stay.

Entrepreneurs and business professionals in India who are keen to start their direct selling business, stand to gain from all these trends and technologies. The capacity to connect with anyone from the remotest corners of the world is the cornerstone of any home-based business such as direct selling, and it would be a great idea to take advantage with the never-ending advancements in the world of business.




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