Essential Features MLM Software should have

As a Network marketer, it is a great idea to be fully aware of the probable outcome of your network marketing or Multi-Level marketing business. And while you make a mental chart on all that you need to swing your business to the positive, one of the most essential attributes here is a good MLM software. A reliable MLM software executes as a great manager for your MLM business. So how do discern a good MLM software? A great way to pick one would be to understand its features & what it can do to help you stand out in the competition.


Tryst with the Best

Ventaforce is a great MLM software, developed by Sankalp Solutions a MLM Software company in Pune. Ventaforce packs in the punch, with its over 151 features & cutting-edge technology which helps companies to stay ahead in the competition. Armed with an ‘A’ level security, Ventaforce has been proved as hack free & accomplishes the top 10 characteristics of a great software. Also, its pluggable architecture makes it scalable as well as adaptable for future requirements. Here is a rundown of some of the major features that this MLM software comprises.

E-Commerce Integration

Considered as one of the most important feature is every online business, E-Commerce is dealing products & services by various companies over the internet using electronic devices. A well-secured integration will help businesses get the benefit of online purchases & services. Ventaforce offers integration of E-Commerce portal for unlimited products with more than 50 attractive themes to choose from.

Payment Processing

Another very important feature is automatic payment processing. A good MLM software should be enabled with a simple & secure money transaction system. Around the globe, all international standard MLM software are including the latest in automatic payment processing such as Paypal, Credit Card, E Pin & E Wallet. Ventaforce supports pre-integrated payments gateways to make these processes easy & flexible.

Website Replication

Yet another hallmark of a great MLM software is Website replication. This allows all members to have their own site. What this does is that, with each member having their own individual site, it acts as a tool for MLM business promotion. With Ventaforce, distributors are enabled to have their own personalized self – replicating website with static URL.

MLM Plans

The important of good MLM plan just cannot be reiterated enough. A great software would ensure that it offers clients a range of MLM support plans, Binary, Matrix, Generational, Hybrid & much more that suit the requirements of the client. Since the selection of the right MLM compensation plan is integral for a successful network marketing business, Ventaforce comes along with the proven expertise of Sankalp’s guidance to help clients in choosing the right plan.

Multi-Lingual Support

A great way to up the scales on your MLM business is to provide Multi-Lingual Support or multi-language support. What could enamour clients more than the comfort of handling business in their native language. With Ventaforce we help clients spread their direct selling business globally with multiple language provisions.

CMS Website Design

One of the most widely used web technology, Content Management System is an absolutely essential feature that MLM software should carry. With digital marketing, an absolute constant in businesses it is a great idea to keep out website updated to generate good business & this is where CMS makes it achievable.

Multi-Vendor Facilities

With the virtual marketplace booming, customers & clients are constantly vying for the best. A multi-vendor feature brings customers a wider range of ideas, possibilities & a fresher market to extend towards. Ventaforce, provides this opportunity, vendors can come across on a single platform & spread your business with them.

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