E-Wallet and MLM Software

Wikipedia defines E-Wallet is that latest technological development which allows you to store multiple credit card and bank account numbers in a secure environment. Once registered and created an E-wallet profile, it eliminates the need to enter in account information whenever you make payments. This ensures speedy and efficient transaction.

Integration of E-Wallet with MLM Software ensures speedy, safe and reliable transactions. It also operates and handles all the cash-in and cash-our financial information of each user.

Let us see how E-wallet enhances MLM Software usability:

Cash-Out Processes in MLM

Cash-In Processes


Cash-In Processes in MLM

Cash-In Processes


Listing here some of the many E-wallet features provided by Ventaforce:

  • separate secured Login & Password method to use for the distributors
  • Facility to transfer funds to other members
  • Use funds to purchase E-pins and products
  • Redemption Request & Approval management for amount transfer
  • Admin can set ‘Minimum Incash Request Amount
  • A complete E-Wallet Ledger for every Distributor is maintained


Ventaforce has all the necessary E-Wallet Features integrated for best MLM Software Experience.

It is possible as we have 14 years of experience in this domain and presence in various countries all around the World!

Visit our site www.ventaforce.com for in-depth understanding about MLM and MLM Software.

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