Blunders You Should Avoid While Recruiting!

While you are into network marketing, the most important aspect is to grow your downline. And for that, you have to recruit or sponsor people. But several times, you commit mistakes that discourage people from joining your company, thus landing you in a puddle. It’s not only about you, but several fastest growing MLM company in India have also committed these recruiting mistakes in their initial days. It’s very well said, “You learn from your mistakes!” thus, we are also listing a few of the blunders that you should avoid while growing your downline.

  1. Don’t blabber too much about your product and company. Sometimes, you have to be a good listener too. You have to understand the perspective of the prospect too! Don’t give away too much information because if you do, they won’t have curiosity to know more. Give them a general brief about the company and the product and then give them space to decide upon.
  2. Don’t get too desperate for people to sign in your downline. People have inhibitions about people who are way too desperate. They always find desperate people fishy. So, just relax back, believe in yourself and don’t push too much. If they want to sign in, they will trust your confidence and join you.
  3. Always choose the right people and try to judge them wisely. People who are broke and are embroiled in financial loss can be a big risk and so do lazy people without any aim! So, see the spark in a candidate who is in love with his job and can make a mark on the business. Recruit people who not only respect others but also respect themselves.
  4. Don’t weave a web of lies and unnecessary hype. I can understand you want to recruit them, but that doesn’t mean that you portray that MLM business is a cakewalk. Tell them wholeheartedly at the start that they will have to work hard and it is not easy money. After all, convincing people is a hurricane task.
  5. If a person rejects, don’t let that rejection hamper you in any way. Many people take rejection too personally. Every person is different and so is his interests, thus he might or he might not accept your business. So, just let it go and think about growing and grooming yourself.
  6. Learn from every experience. Follow a roadmap if there is acceptance or rejection. If you are rejected develop your skills as to how you can convince another prospect. If accepted, carry out proper follow-ups that do not irk them.

Try and evaluate yourself to the fullest and avoid the above mistakes. As you grow, you will learn to deal with these mistakes and in future you will find them futile! So, grow and learn from your mistakes!

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