Advantages of Replicating Websites for Network Marketing

Technology is continuously changing and bringing something new on the table for the businesses to adopt and leverage to improve and accelerate their growth. Take examples of Social Media sites -with proper strategies, it has proven as a powerful marketing tool for the businesses. We all know that MultiLevel Marketing is a competitive business with many challenges, but developments like social media, website replication and auto responders have helped the businesses to face any kind of challenge.

What is replicated website?

In Network Marketing, Replicating Website is a feature that allows the distributors to replicate/duplicate your business site WITH their personalized information but keeping looks and the core information intact. By this, they are able to market YOUR products or services and business on web and making THEIR presence strong online. But firstly, you create a website for your business integrated with MLM software. This website contains all the details like company, its vision & mission, details about its products & services, compensation plan and enrolment forms.

How soon it starts working?

Distributors can get replicated website as soon as they join your business. They are able to start marketing your brand to reach the sales target soon after joining. Further, they can attract more distributors making stronger downlines which will increase your business reach in targeted demographic with a strong and wide network. In addition to you and your distributors, it also benefits your customers. As they can get the information about local distributor and buy your products from them and quick delivery, services and other information.

How it works and helps in Branding?

Now, whenever a new distributor joins your organization, he get his own web address which is linked to company’s main website and access to Distributor’s back office module. Whenever a potential customer does a search in demographic region of newly joined distributor, he/she is directed to personal replicated website. There they enter their details and further communication gets started. This way the traffic gets diverted to the replicated website which is part of the main website. This is how a relationship is established between the main business and the prospective customers through distributors’ personal website. In addition to directing the traffic, distributors can even keep track of their earnings, their downlines, in short can have complete control and overview of their downline and earning.

How it connects with social media & captures lead?

Distributors can have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. buttons on the replicated website linking every single post & tweet to their web address. Lead Page will capture all the prospective client’s details on which they can further send the emails to convert leads into customers. In this way, distributors are independent of taking utmost advantage of all the sources from where they can connect and engage with the potential and existing customers.

Import personal contact list

Distributors can even import their contact lists from their personal email accounts. Thus expanding their prospect list and further can send bulk sms to the full list as a part of email campaigns or general mails.

Replicated websites is a very powerful and useful tool for Network Marketing which saves time, money, efforts and team member can start working from day 1. Summarizing other advantages?

  • Increase Sales and Distributors
  • Increase your business reach
  • Maintains consistency of company and its product information
  • Saves time & money with increased sales growth
  • Entry into new markets

However there should be some control measures to be implemented from the business side as well as distributors should stay within certain boundary measures. In spite of it, there is no doubt that replicated websites is widely used tool in MLM industry as a part of marketing strategy. With the advancement of the technology, no industry sector can afford to overlook at it and continue with traditional strategies. For MLM businesses, these technologies are of tremendous help to spread the network and increasing its strength not only within country but also internationally. This has led Direct Sales sector to contribute hugely to overall economy of the world.

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